About aromas

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The meaning of aromas

Aroma is written as Aroma and is a Latin word for “fragrance / scent”.
The pleasant scent gives you peace of mind and body.

In addition, it is said that enjoying the scent has a relaxing effect and helps to bring out the natural healing power to cure illnesses and injuries.

About essential oils

Essential oils are oils extracted from flowers and resins.

There are more than 200 types, which are incorporated into daily life such as beauty and relaxation. It is also being researched in the medical field such as preventive medicine to prevent illness in advance.

Major essential oils include lavender, which is often used in perfumes, and frankincense, which has become a hot topic in skin anti-aging. (Introduced in the recommended item column.)

Information on each essential oil will be posted in the aroma dictionary.

When using essential oils, the undiluted solution is too irritating, so be sure to dilute them before use.

The material that dilutes the essential oil is called the base material.
In the next article, we will introduce the base materials and dilution concentration!

About aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a coined word that combines aroma and therapy.

Since ancient times, people have lived with the benefits of plants. Even today, that wisdom has been passed down, and folk remedies using plants are developing all over the world.

In Japan, there are folk remedies such as drinking ginger hot water or radish candy (radish extract with honey) at the beginning of a cold.

Aromatherapy is a therapy that promotes relaxation and natural healing by enjoying the scent of essential oils extracted from plants and using it on the skin.


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